Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday Fashion Fix

One of the best things about fall is cardigans! Between cardigans and jeans, I don't know which is my favorite. Put the two together and you instantly get a polished weekend look.
In my opinion, cardigans are best when layered...especially when you are a curvy girl. So for this post, I decided to find something for my ladies with a little something extra.
This look is from Torrid which specializes in plus size fashions. Some of the items can look a little "girly" but from what I found today, they have some nice pieces.
At $44, this sweater is a great investment! The model paired it with dark denim which is the only way to go. However, if you need to wear it to work or church, you can substitute the jeans with black slacks or a black pencil skirt.
Oh, and you need a pop of color since the colors are muted. This model chose a yellow ring...GREAT! If not a ring or bracelet, a bright bag will do (yellow or green). Remember: big girl, big bag. ~Elise

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