Monday, September 7, 2009

The President's Back to School Message

Tuesday at noon, President Barack Obama will air what has become a controversial message aimed at the children of the United States.

Many conservatives have expressed a fear that the address would be used to push a partisan political agenda. I read the speech and President Obama avoids any mention of controversial political initiatives. He repeatedly urges students to work hard and stay in school.

"This isn't just important for your own life and your own future. What you make of your education will decide nothing less than the future of this country," said the president.

The text of the 18-minute speech was posted on the White House Web site so people can read it before its scheduled Internet broadcast to schoolchildren. I read it...then I read it again. There is no political agenda!


I'm surprised at all the hoop-lah and drama throughout our school systems. I have a close friend who teaches gifted children. And out of 34 students, so far, only 13 parents gave her permission to allow their children to participate.

I am floored. It seems as though our country has become so polarized that we believe that our president is an enemy and not our leader.

I will admit I did not agree with much of what Bush did during his years in office, but he was still the leader of my country.

On Sunday, Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan said that parents who are threatening to keep their children home Tuesday to avoid Obama's speech were being "silly." Duncan says that the message of the speech is simply to encourage children to finish school.

FYI: President Obama IS NOT the first president to give a speech addressed to school children.

**President George H.W. Bush delivered a nationally televised speech to students from a Washington school in fall 1991, encouraging them to say no to drugs and work hard.

**In November 1988, President Reagan delivered more politically charged remarks that were made available to students nationwide.

There is nothing wrong with a president encouraging young people across America to take advantage of a good education.

I hope that you will allow your kids to watch the speech. I don't even have kids yet, but one day, they will be reading or watching this speech. ~Elise

For those of you who want a hard copy, here it is:


Ki said...

First off, I love your blog E! It is so you. As far as this goes, it is nonsense that some parents are letting their political agendas get in the way of what could be a very good message for their children. I hope this brings everybody back to the reality that this country still has so much work to do.

Anonymous said...

You are so effin talented girl. I always tell my students that it's good to have layers and not be one dimensional. I need you to come and speak to the group bfore you leave. I will give you a ring this week. You should post your email address on here so that people can contact you. Seriously! luv ya. D

Elise said...

I will do that D. I've been blogging for a while but noticed that traffic as picking up so I'm revamping the site. Thanks for your suggestion. ~Elise


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