Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ode to the well dressed man

There is nothing nicer than to see a well dressed, well groomed man. It shows confidence, class and that he cares about his image. I personally have only dated I am used to seeing men in suits. But the wrong suit is BAD, BAD, BAD. But I do think that everyone could benefit from a little style advice. Soooooo here's mine...
First things first: GET A TAILOR! It's like an accountant...everybody needs one! It is rare that you can wear something off the rack. I have to get all of my suits tailored, without question. Tailoring a suit only costs a few bucks but will make the suit look like a million bucks. Most dry cleaners have a tailor on staff. Many department and specialty stores also have tailors on staff. DON'T BUY IT, IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE THE EFFORT TO HAVE IT TAILORED TO FIT YOUR BODY.
The president is one fine example of how to wear a suit.

The shoe is one of the most important things in my opinion. If the shoe is wrong, it ruins the rest of the outfit. I haaaattte to see a man OR a woman with bad shoes. They must shined and the heel cannot be worn. I don't know how much it costs for men. But my shoe guy charges me 6 bucks per heel replacement and $10 for a shoe shine. Make it a habit. At the end of the season I get heels replaced and boots shined so that I'm ready for next year. I think men should do the same.
David Beckham. Enough said.
Cuff links are also essential. I don't think they are necessary everyday but every man should have a few pairs of cuff links. I think they are a necessity for weddings, interviews or any event where you may be photographed. They are fairly reasonable.
Oh, and because I can... I have to include Idris. He is THE most handsome, well-groomed, well dressed, poised man I have ever seen. Whether dressed up or dressed down, he is ALWAYS well put together. ~E ***...and the accent helps too.***


D said...

Thanks for the eye candy. I luv David!

D said...

Oh yeah, I hate to see a man with bad shoes. That's just sad.

Anonymous said...

David is handsome but too skinny for me. Where are all the buff men? I think they have the most difficulty dressing their bodies.

RunningBetty said...

I was at a conference once where the speaker told everyone about his cufflinks. He was talking about being unique, and his cufflinks were his baby's footprint shrunken down in silver. That's pretty memorable!


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