Monday, September 7, 2009

It is what it is

There are things I used to do all the time which I’m glad to say I no longer do, if I can help it.

I know who I am and I make no apologies for it. Like it, or not.

Some are things I’ve always hated but felt I had to do, and others are impulses I’ve learned to curb through practice and years gone by. I haven't figured it all out yet...but I know one thing, I am wise beyond my years!

Here are just a few things I’m so over:

  • Wearing control top pantyhose
  • Wearing pantyhose, period..unless I'm interviewing
  • Buying random gifts for people who can't afford to do the same
  • Giving advice to people who've already made up their minds
  • Downplaying my success
  • Loaning money I REALLY do not have. NO ONE has "extra money"
  • Spending time w/people out of obligation
  • Flirting back to be polite
  • Guessing what someone is trying to say
  • Reading into what 'he' does say
  • Teaching a man 'how to date'
  • Pretending that I remember everyone’s names
  • Wondering if someone liked me
  • Wondering if he’ll call
  • Wondering if I got the job
  • Staying to the bitter end because I think I might miss something
  • Eating too little so I’d be thinner
  • Eating too much because I was starving
  • Wearing too little and freeze my ass off
  • Comparing my life to others
  • Answering the phone when I’m busy
  • Having a long drawn out convo by texting. CALL ME! Texts are 1-liners!
  • Wondering for more than a minute if I’ve caused offense
  • Saying yes when I really want to say no, and no when I want to say yes
  • Second guessing myself
  • Punishing myself for not going to the gym. WHATEVER, just do it tomorrow.
  • Giving him a 3rd chance
  • Explaining my decisions to those who are clearly clueless!

What are some of the habits and hangups you’re glad to have left behind? ~E


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