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Saturday, September 26, 2009


While many of you are getting ready to ham it up this weekend. I'm spending my time working, studying and your guessed it moving!

I landed a new exciting job about 1000 miles away. And while I am super excited about the position, I am stressed over the move! Uggghhhh! I hate it. For the past two weeks I have spent very little time packing and a whole lot of time trying to get rid of things. I've been in this place three years and I have 10 years worth of stuff!

I'm so over it.

I found four decks of cards, a prom dress, at least a 100 t-shirts and enough bath towels to supply the Waldorf.

So, needless to say, I'm becoming good friends with the people at Goodwill before the guys come to load my truck next week.

Speaking of which, a few people are freaking out that I'm driving my moving truck. Why!? Cause I'm a girl??? So what. Let me tell you something: I come from the school of "if he can do it, I can do it." I'm driving a small U-Haul truck not an 18 wheeler. The funny part is most guys are like oh, there's nothing to it...while women are freaking out. It's a few hours and time to myself.

Besides, I am so eager to get this move over with, I would fly a plane. lol. ♥Elise

Friday, September 25, 2009

Melanie Fiona: It Kills Me

I started trying to figure out who Melanie Fiona was after I heard "Give it to me Right"

The Guayanese/Canadian beauty now has a new single that I simply love!!!!!! Even better....CSI cutie Adam Rodriguez co-stars in the video.

Luvs it!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

EVENT FAB: Financial Education Workshop

Come and attend a workshop on budgeting. There will be an array of topics including: Defining long-term and/short term goals, Establishing an Effective Budget, Identifying Financial Priorities, and much more. Its definitely a workshop you don't want to miss.

Hosted by:The Financial Group

Who: Profound Women of America
Price: $10 (donation)
Date: Saturday, October 3, 2009
Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm
Location:PWofA's offices
Street: 3525 Piedmont Rd. NE Six Piedmont Center - Suite 320
City/Town: Atlanta, GA
Phone: 6783813501RSVP
agraham@pwofa.org; jwashington@pwofa.org

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fab Find: Armchair

You will never believe where I found this $89 armchair....wait for it, Wal-Mart! Yes, Wally World.

It's so cute! It would be great to fill a corner or add to a room that lacks color or pizazz.

For more information and product reviews, click here.

It's OK, Just say "Thank you"

I used to be okay with getting compliments but over the last month, I have beat myself up over and over again. So much so, that I have started rejecting compliments.

I noticed it last night while attending attending a swanky event at a multi-million dollar mansion. There was art and great food. There were lots of fancy people with fancy things. Everyone looked great and the compliments started flowing...

"You are beautiful."
MY RESPONSE: "Don't say that, no I'm not."

"You have the best skin."
MY RESPONSE: "Only when I'm not stressed. Right now, I have on a ton of makeup. My skin is horrible."

"You are wise beyond your years. I think you have just great energy."
MY RESPONSE: It's only because I've screwed up so much, I have no choice but to work hard."

"Has anyone ever told you that you look like that actress from the cheerleading movies?"
MY RESPONSE: "Yeah, but I don't see it. Thank you. I think she's pretty but I'm sure she's like a size zero."

OMG! Who does this?! Keep in mind, I rejected all of these compliments in one evening.

I speak to hundreds of young people every year. Many of whom are young ladies. I talk about acceptance and loving youself. And here I am doing the opposite.

Sure, I love myself--a little too much sometimes;) But for whatever reason, I've started dismissing almost every complement. Personally, I think it's one of the most unattactive things a woman can do.

But of course, with reading comes inspiration. So this morning as I was catching up on one my favorite blogs, I was reeled back into reality. Below is the post I found on wardrobeoxygen that can probably help all women. Enjoy. ~E

The Self-deprecating Comment
There is nothing more unattractive than a woman who says she is unattractive. A woman usually claims she (or that which she is wearing or that which she said or made) is unappealing because, A. she is begging for attention and compliments (“oh no it’s true, you ARE utterly fabulous!”), but is usually because, B. she doesn’t trust and love herself enough. Either way, it’s not charming, it’s not stylish, and it’s not attractive.
Accepting a compliment will not make you look like a snob or self-absorbed. When someone says they like your blouse, thinks you look thin or feels that a certain color is flattering with your skintone just say thank you. And smile. And really mean it. Be thankful that a person in your world took time from their day to notice you and let you know that they are pleased with what they noticed. Be gracious. No need to go on about how the blouse should have been donated years ago, that you are in desperate need of a root touchup, that you are so bloated from binging on French fries the night before or that your dress clings to your hips. When you shoot down a compliment with a self-deprecating comment it is as though you are refusing a gift. It is okay to accept that gift, the person wasn’t forced to give it to you, offer your thanks and carry it with you for the day. You deserve it.

Many women think that compliments aren’t truthful. Yes, mean-spirited backhanded compliments make for great comedy in chick flicks, but they aren’t doled out that often in real life. People just don’t have the time and the wit to think them up and give them at the opportune time. So maybe Linda your coworker is telling you that your hair down is flattering because she thinks that your usual ponytail is too severe for your soft features. It’s still a compliment, and she didn’t have to take the time to say anything in the first place.

When you tuck a self-deprecating comment into casual conversation, it only causes your audience to scrutinize you. You mention how you have crooked teeth, and now your audience will concentrate on nothing but your teeth. You joke about how you are “pleasantly plump,” and now your audience has forgotten what you are saying and is focusing on your midsection.

Women often think it’s better to laugh at themselves before another will laugh at them. Again ladies, we do not live in an episode of Gossip Girl. The world is not out to snark about you behind your back. When you make self-deprecating comments, you are screaming to the world that you are self-conscious, lack confidence and love for yourself. Not attractive characteristics.

Be confident, don’t be a snob.
Be strong, but don’t be a bitch.
Be demure, but be definite.
Caring about what you look like makes you seem as though you are hiding behind clothes, but not caring what you look like makes you seem as though you lack self confidence.

Wow, it’s tough being a woman, isn’t it?

Stop trying to BE smart or funny or witty or cerebral or stylish or classic or fun or artsy or creative or quirky. Just be. When you stop trying to be SOMETHING and just listen to yourself, observe your world and roll with the waves, you find that there is less need for the armor of self-deprecating comments.

With the next compliment you receive, respond with a heartfelt thank you and a smile. And nothing else. Don’t explain, don’t apologize, don’t add detail. Just look the person in the eye and thank them for the gift. See how that person reacts and how you feel. Wear that gift of a compliment like a scarf all day. Let it show in your posture, your demeanor.

The next time you trip over your words (or over your feet), don’t tell the world that you are a klutz, an idiot, a mess. Just pull yourself together and more forward. In your mind you may be replaying the situation over and over, but don’t cause the rest of the world to hit instant replay and dwell on your mistake.And if you want a compliment or a suggestion, stop fishing for one with a self-deprecating comment. Find a good friend and ask that person what they think. How do you really look in that dress? Why do I have a hard time looking good in photographs? Do you think I look better in green or red? Only then will you know if the response is honest, or stated to make you feel better. Trust the feedback from those who care about you, and use it to develop and gain confidence and poise...and remember, you ARE a fantastic human being! You have wonderful exterior and interior traits that make you unique and charming and loveable.

Surround yourself with people and things that make you feel and look good and you will need less self-deprecating comments.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

SASSY SPACES: Luv this kitchen

Photo Courtesy: Apartment Therapy
I would learn to cook if I had a kitchen like this. lol. Or not..... ~E

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ode to the well dressed man

There is nothing nicer than to see a well dressed, well groomed man. It shows confidence, class and that he cares about his image. I personally have only dated businessmen..so I am used to seeing men in suits. But the wrong suit is BAD, BAD, BAD. But I do think that everyone could benefit from a little style advice. Soooooo here's mine...
First things first: GET A TAILOR! It's like an accountant...everybody needs one! It is rare that you can wear something off the rack. I have to get all of my suits tailored, without question. Tailoring a suit only costs a few bucks but will make the suit look like a million bucks. Most dry cleaners have a tailor on staff. Many department and specialty stores also have tailors on staff. DON'T BUY IT, IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE THE EFFORT TO HAVE IT TAILORED TO FIT YOUR BODY.
The president is one fine example of how to wear a suit.

The shoe is one of the most important things in my opinion. If the shoe is wrong, it ruins the rest of the outfit. I haaaattte to see a man OR a woman with bad shoes. They must shined and the heel cannot be worn. I don't know how much it costs for men. But my shoe guy charges me 6 bucks per heel replacement and $10 for a shoe shine. Make it a habit. At the end of the season I get heels replaced and boots shined so that I'm ready for next year. I think men should do the same.
David Beckham. Enough said.
Cuff links are also essential. I don't think they are necessary everyday but every man should have a few pairs of cuff links. I think they are a necessity for weddings, interviews or any event where you may be photographed. They are fairly reasonable.
Oh, and because I can... I have to include Idris. He is THE most handsome, well-groomed, well dressed, poised man I have ever seen. Whether dressed up or dressed down, he is ALWAYS well put together. ~E ***...and the accent helps too.***

I heart Kris Atomic

Isn't this the cutest thing ever?!! The artist is Kris Atomic. I found her as I was going through my daily blog roll. She is so talented...so much so that you will see a lot more from her as she will be the inspiration for some of my posts.

A dollar still goes a long way....

Who says you can't find anything for a buck. While I love to decorate, I like to consider myself a savvy spender. Check out what I found...at you guess it...a buck! ~E
*Colorful Clocks*
These colorful little timekeepers are great for brightening up your bedside table or your drab workspace. This alarm clock is 99 cents at Ikea.com
*Just My Type*
You may not be ready to trade in for MacBook for a typewriter, but these adorable magnets made to look like tap-able keys are a great throwback to simpler times. For just $1 you can grab the letter or symbol of your choice and for every four you buy, you get one free!
Typewriter Key Magnets, $1 each; Etsy.com

*Candle Coaster*
This blossoming wire candleholder is so cheery and charming we may even throw an outdoor dinner party in its honor. For under a dollar, there is no cheaper way to display your pillar candles and spice up your table. Flower Candle Coaster, 95 cents;

*Card Crazy*
As nice as letter writing is, we like to express our appreciation when the moment strikes. Keep these 2”x3.5” hand-printed letterpress cards in your wallet and you’ll get the classic touch without the postage. You’re Swell Mini Letterpress Card, $1;

Oscar Buzz: Precious

I think Lee Daniels did it this time. Daniels teamed up with Oprah and Tyler Perry to bring the novel Push to the big screen. This fall Precious will hit theaters and there is already talks of an Oscar. I can't wait to see this film...

Lionsgate, in association with Winfrey's and Perry's production firms, will release the film Nov. 6.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tatted Up

Sooo...a guy I went to college with decided to do THIS to his body:

He has always been in great shape. And clearly, he's very confident. But we are still young and it's no secret that the older you get the more your body changes. I'm hoping he won't go from Spiderman to Sloppyman. Plus, I'm not a big fan of over-the-top tattoos but what do you think: Is this too much or just enough?

SASSY SPACES: The Perfect Living Space

I loooooveee this space. It's my muse for my new condo. The colors are warm and inviting. ~E

Monday, September 14, 2009

Thanks Mr. Duke...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jake, have a seat!

I'm from Atlanta and yes I support my team...but I am truly a Carolina Panther fan. and up until the end of last season, I was also a Jake Delhomme fan.

The Panthers took on the Eagles today. Well...kind of. It was more like a blow out.

And yes, I'm blaming the quarterback!

Today after one of the WORST performances ever, Jake was benched.

I was yelling, "It's about time," after more than 10 turnovers in the last two games (I won't even talk pre-season). Delhomme, threw four interceptions and lost a fumble in less than three quarters Sunday against Philadelphia.

Finally, John Fox pulled him for backup Josh McCown, who received a loud cheer from the crowd, after Delhomme's fourth pick.

I pulled the stats and Delhomme was 7 of 17 for 73 yards..AND his fumble was returned for a touchdown.

But wait, this has been going on for a minute. If you recall in January's playoff game against Arizona, Delhomme threw five interceptions and lost a fumble. Of course, they lost that game 33-13 .

But that's not what gets me... this guy is working off of a five-year, $42.5 million contract extension from April that included $20 million in guaranteed money.

Yeah. Guaranteed. Fumble or not.

A mess.

Have a seat Jake. I'm pissed.

Ladies Night: Lady Gaga and Beyonce get 9 VMA nominations

Photo Courtesy: Gossip Girl

Beyonce and Lady Gaga walked the red carpet of the VMAs with one thing in common: They both looked fab and BOTH received 9 nominations.------
Call me crazy but I absolutely loved Lady Gaga's red carpet arrival. It was different, bold and sexy. From the pin-curled pink and blond hair, masses of glittery black eye shadow, and half a Phantom of the Opera mask, topped off with a big ol' Victorian hat...to the corseted waist and feathers. She clearly loves to have fun with her image, and I applaud her willingness to experiment!

I'm sure that the fashion blogs of the world will have a ball with her tomorrow morning but let me be amongst the first to say: different is good!
While I wouldn't wear GaGa's outfit, Beyonce was a bit more of my style. Minus the color (I don't do red) and the shoes. Also, I'm not quite sure about the pooch thing in the front but overall it was a cute look.
Photo Courtesy: MTV
Your thoughts...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

SASSY SPACES: The Modern Office


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Janet to Open VMAs

So it's official..... MTV announced that Janet Jackson will open this Sunday's VMAs! The popular MTV award show will be the setting for a tribute by Ms. Jackson and a TON of dancers.
I wasn't planning to watch, but now I will definitely tune in, at least for the first 5 minutes.

The mega star (whom I love) will open and shut the show down at the same time! I am convinced. Janet is the epitome of an entertainer.
I should also mention that she is gracing the new Harper's Bazaar where she talks about her brother's untimely death and her recent breakup from producer Jermain Dupri.
FYI...The MTV VMAs air this Sunday, September 13 at 9et/8central.
Photo Courtesy: Harper's Bazaar

Wednesday Fashion Fix

One of the best things about fall is cardigans! Between cardigans and jeans, I don't know which is my favorite. Put the two together and you instantly get a polished weekend look.
In my opinion, cardigans are best when layered...especially when you are a curvy girl. So for this post, I decided to find something for my ladies with a little something extra.
This look is from Torrid which specializes in plus size fashions. Some of the items can look a little "girly" but from what I found today, they have some nice pieces.
At $44, this sweater is a great investment! The model paired it with dark denim which is the only way to go. However, if you need to wear it to work or church, you can substitute the jeans with black slacks or a black pencil skirt.
Oh, and you need a pop of color since the colors are muted. This model chose a yellow ring...GREAT! If not a ring or bracelet, a bright bag will do (yellow or green). Remember: big girl, big bag. ~Elise


Happy 9/9/09

I'm not into the whole numerology thing but for those of you who are..here is an interesting article I found on Fox5 Atlanta.

Polaroid Gets a Major Upgrade

I'm an 80s baby so I can somewhat remember the time when photos were instantly printed using the old-skool Polaroid camera.
It was big and loud. Once the picture printed, you had to blow it and fan it...in hopes of getting a good shot (cracking up just thinking about it).
Well if you still have one of those cameras, hold on to it, its value is going up. Meanwhile, for the rest of us who are searching for Polaroid to make a comeback in this 'digital age,' it seems like they are doing just that.

Take a look at this....

The PoGo instant digital camera works like your regular 5 megapixel digital camera – just point and shoot. It has all the bells and whistles: a 3″ LCD screen, an electronic timer, movie recording with sounds as well as minor photo editing functions. But the one thing this camera has that others don't....there is an opening on the side of the camera where the special Zink photo paper is printed.

It takes about 40 seconds to get a 2″x3″ photo. It has a sticky back making it easy to be used on scrap books or a bulletin board. The photos are smudge proof, water resistant, fade resistant, and tear proof.

I'm sold.

And get this, it's only $195 which is comparable to other digital cameras.

The downside is that it only lasts for about 20 photos before the lithium ion battery needs recharging. Well shoot! That won't work. I take 20 pictures in 20 seconds.

Plus, I can only imagine the headache that would come with trying to order a printer cartridge or more black sheets to print photos.

Oh, well...I guess my camera search continues. But for those of you are are interested:


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SASSY SPACES: A Single Girl's Bedroom


Since I'm a decorator at heart. You will see frequent posts of stylish room makeovers. Don't worry fellas, there will be something for you too. ~Elise

EVENT FAB: My Sordid Life

FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY TICKETS.. http://www.projectcaregulfcoast.com/


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