Friday, December 12, 2008

Mavens and Misfits: Part 2

It's been awhile but I am back to blogging. Hopefully I haven't lost too many followers during my hiatus.

I'm semi-excited about the mis-fits and mavens postings. I just don't want to have one of those blogs where I dig into what the celebrities are doing and who they are wearing. But for those of you are into that sort of thing....this last one is for you.

My fashion maven would have to be the lovely Rhianna.

Lately she has become known for her fierce hair cut and tasteful tatoos.
Over the past few years, Rhianna ihas set the tone for being youself and loving it.

She's not afraid to push boundaries or step outside of the box. She is a trendsetter.

Whether she is decked out in all black, with a splash of unexpected nail color, or she is glamed up in coutoure, Rhianna's style is a force to be reckoned with.

You go girl! You are definitely a sexy style maven!


Now..................for those who never seem to get it right.

What in the leather hell is this!?!

This is a photo that emerged this week of the one and only Lil Kim.

Over the years, Kim has gotten worse and worse. Her style is the epitome of skank!

Yes ma'am, skank.

I understand her need to be sexy but she hasn't grasped the concept!

Lord, help this chile.

I am so sick of seeing bad lacefronts, pumped up lips, hot pants and cropped tops.

Get it together Kim!

We know she loves Chanel and Vouitton but her fashion screams Fredericks of Hollywood.

There are women who get it...Eve, Peppa, hell even Trina does an okay job of dressing sexy without going over board.

Kim has made a name for herself and needs to stop trying to grab attention with get-ups like this one.

Ewww. Just nasty....a nasty misfit indeed. It's a hard earned title!

Stay Tuned....~E


Since I'm in the movie spirit today...I cannot wait until the movie Notorious drops!

Of course all of the movie trailors before 'Cadillac Records' were minority movies. I thought that was hilarious...because clearly us black folk don't support any other movies. Funny.

Anyhow, I'm not a big hip-hop head but I think Notorious is going to do exceptionally well. Of course the kids are going to support it but I also think that those of us in the 25 to 35 bracket will also support the movie.

If the trailer is any indication of the movie's excitement, I'm sold. Plus, it features Angela Basset...and we know she doesn't sign up for any crap!
Check out the trailer below...

REMEMBER: Notorious hits theaters January 16. Keep in mind, we have to support it opening weekend to make the numbers count!
Stay tuned...~E

Cadillac Crap??

Sorry for being late on the post guys...but just wanted to say that I saw 'Cadillac Records' last week and I must say, I enjoyed the movie.

Going into the theatre, I didn't know Mos Def and Cedric the Entertainer had very large roles in the film. So did Gabrielle Union.

Marketing-wise, the movie was all about Beyonce.

I have nver been a big fan of Beyonce. I think that she is a cute black girl who can hold a note, is a good performer and she appeals to white America. Is that talent? I don't know...

I understand marketing and the attempt to use Beyonce in blockbuster films to sell records but it hasn't worked in ANY of her films. She can't be credited with Dreamgirls because it had an all-star cast.

Well, I was impressed with Beyonce's (SMALL, SMALL) role in Cadillac Records...but the numbers show that people weren't running to the theaters to see Sasha Fierce.

Here is what Myra Panache had this to say about Hollywood producers giving a non-talent like Beyonce prime movie roles:

Beyonce being cast as Etta James in “Cadillac Records,” is a perfect example of musical success not transcending into “box office” success. The movie only grossed $3 million dollars. Beyonce also flopped in “The Fighting Temptations,” and she only scored success in “Dreamgirls,” because it was an ensemble cast.
I’m a Beyonce fan but I will be the first to admit, she can’t act and she has terrible diction. Why not cast a “real” African-American actress who has a drama background in this role?
There are so many excellent African-American actresses in Hollywood who could have done justice to the Etta James role yet Beyonce continues to be cast in plum film roles.
She doesn’t even think enough of the acting profession to take classes and learn how to act. Instead, ego and exposure seems to be driving her to land as many acting roles as she possibly can.
Singers, Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross and Cher took the craft seriously and their hard work and diligence paid off with Oscar wins or Oscar nominations.
It’s inconceivable to wrap your mind around Beyonce’s upcoming portrayals of Eartha Kitt and “Wonder Woman.”
Usher was fresh off the success of “Confessions,” when he was cast in the film, “In The Mix,” it was a major flop.
Hopefully, Hollywood executives will begin to realize that these non-actors bring no credibility to the screen and they don’t generate box office dollars with their lack of talent.

She said it, I didn't. But I will co-sign on it.

I know my Beyonce fans are hating me right now. lol. I still love you. Love me back.


Stay tuned...~E


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