Thursday, September 17, 2009

A dollar still goes a long way....

Who says you can't find anything for a buck. While I love to decorate, I like to consider myself a savvy spender. Check out what I you guess it...a buck! ~E
*Colorful Clocks*
These colorful little timekeepers are great for brightening up your bedside table or your drab workspace. This alarm clock is 99 cents at
*Just My Type*
You may not be ready to trade in for MacBook for a typewriter, but these adorable magnets made to look like tap-able keys are a great throwback to simpler times. For just $1 you can grab the letter or symbol of your choice and for every four you buy, you get one free!
Typewriter Key Magnets, $1 each;

*Candle Coaster*
This blossoming wire candleholder is so cheery and charming we may even throw an outdoor dinner party in its honor. For under a dollar, there is no cheaper way to display your pillar candles and spice up your table. Flower Candle Coaster, 95 cents;

*Card Crazy*
As nice as letter writing is, we like to express our appreciation when the moment strikes. Keep these 2”x3.5” hand-printed letterpress cards in your wallet and you’ll get the classic touch without the postage. You’re Swell Mini Letterpress Card, $1;

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