Friday, October 9, 2009

SASSY SPACES: 4 Very Sexy Bedrooms

This one is my fav! I saved it in my file for inspiration. I am not a headboard girl. Instead, I love using artwork, rugs or other non-conventional ideas like the one above. This room has my name written all over it. Perfect!
I love the different textures going on in this room. While it's clearly a bachelor's bedroom, it is clean and sophisticated. The stacks of books on the side table and the black and white photo gives the space the personalization it needs.
How sexy is this space? The splashes of gold and the variety of textures on the bedding are priceless. There are so many wonderful details: Look at the gold wallpaper and the beading around the custom headboard. Nice. I also love the simple side table...and the placement of the lamp. While, the lamp is a bit masculine for my taste, it does not take away from the rooms luxurious appeal. This room is simply beautiful.
If it weren't for the Louboutins, gold clutch and beautiful artwork in the corner, I would have argued that this is a bachelor's room. However, a second (and much closer) look lets me see that there is SO much femininity in this space. From the crocheted throw.. to the satin throw pillows, this is beautiful yet cozy bedroom that I wouldn't mind having.

Courtesy: Living Etc

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