Saturday, June 12, 2010

sorry, sorry, sorry...

Lately it seems as if I've been going through these blog phases. It's been weeks since my last post. And after making some new friends in the blog world, I fell so guilty about not keeping up my site.

So, here's what's been going on over the past few weeks....

#1 Sex in the City II - I didn't get dolled up to go see the movie. I didn't go with a bunch of girlfriends. Instead, I went to the theatre in my fabulous cropped jeans, black wife beater, statement necklace and flats. I grabbed my big Coach bag (filled it with goodies) and went to the matinee. Now, I tried not to pay any attention to the reviews--but I heard mumblings about "how bad it was." It was SOOOO not bad! The movie wasn't great but it fulfilled my expectations of fashion, sex, love, family and glamour.

#2 Work - Let's just say the dynamics of work are changing. For the past six years I have dedicated a lot.... A LOT of time to my career. That career has allowed me to meet so many successful people and now I am transitioning into the next phase of my life. I am setting myself up to be my own boss. So the past few weeks have been spent trying to nail down one big contract and a much smaller one that will boost my income by a little more than A LOT!

#3 Family - My family dynamic is taxing these days. I think that your family as a whole has its ups and downs. This is a down moment. There is just a lot of expectations from certain family members right now and I am not willing to commit.

#4 Love - Speaking of commit... whew, this love train is bumpy to say the least. Lately, me and The Mister have been playing the blame game about the smallest things ever. It's getting old and I'm over it and so is he... BUT we are not over us. So, we are weighing our options so we can give this love train its annual tune-up and make things work. But can I tell you, OMG, I am about to pull all of my hair out!

#5 Unit M - The condo is simply fabulous!!!!!!!!! It is now about 95% complete. You may remember my complaining about the hoge poge of things that ended up in my bedroom. Well this week I made it werk! Pics to come. It's super pretty...and super romantic. The Mister hasn't seen or heard about it yet. If he acts right, maybe he can stay the night;)

That's all for this post. It's already way to long. So put me back on your regular blogroll. I will make it up to you. I promise.


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