Friday, June 18, 2010

Closet Freak: 1 of my closets

I was talking about my dream home with a friend and we were talking about our top three must haves. Hers were a big kitchen, a big backyard and dual showerheads. Dual showerheads...what?!! Nevermind, I don't want to know.

Well throughout my blog, you will notice my slight obsession with closets. That obesession increased after my big move to Unit #M. While the condo is a great investment, the closet space SUCKS!!!!!! This is my master closet:

You can't see the shelves that have been installed and the boxes and boxes of shoes stacked on the floor. The over-the-door hanger was an Ikea find to store the shoes without boxes. The guest closet is about the same size and it's also at capacity.
So to get back to my original thought. Big closet--an absolute must. There should be shelves and drawer space, ample lighting and a place for me to sit. Yes...I want that kind of closet.
My other two must haves: an open kitchen-living space (for entertaining) and a master shower large enough for a 6'5" man and a 5'9" woman to fit into at the same time;) That's all.

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