Friday, June 18, 2010

I will be the first to say that I love FaceBook. But it has slowly become the new MySpace.

I am getting more and more requests from music producers, invites to club parties, not to mention all the friend requests from people I have never met a day in my life.

I understand that I am a public figure and have a job that's in the spotlight BUT that's why I created a fan page. But why oh why are there still so many more people trying to get a peek at my personal page. Little do they know, I don't have any crazy pictures of me actin a fool or any sexy swimsuit pictures..the pictures that I post are carefully thought out and only give you a glimpse inside my personal life.

In a matter of 3 days I had more than 35 new friend requests--and at least 30 of them are from men. ***creepy***

So this morning, me and my crazy gay guy friend/self-proclaimed stylist did an overhaul of my FB page. It's hilarious. He changed my profile picture and my name. Then he went through and named ALL of my friends and if I couldn't tell him who they were, he deleted them. It was so fun and now maybe I won't be so creeped out by FB.

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