Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I can't get enough of...

That was an easy one. Everyone knows I luv shoes. By the way, I have to have these for the holidays!

Orchids are simply precious.

Throw pillows are my latest obsession. They add so much drama to my otherwise "neutral pallette."

I have at least two candles in EVERY room. Is that bad?

Where, oh where would I be without Mr. Gateway?

A good book is only a nightstand away. I luv to read. Always have.

Last, but certainly not least, Diet Dr. Pepper is my drug! This stuff is great!


Print Postcards said...

I love shoes and books as well. I wish someone would give me some on my upcoming birthday. :D
And I love the nail color of that woman in the picture with the keyboard. So cool!

Rachal said...

The nail color does rock! It's like pewter or something;)


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