Thursday, October 22, 2009

Unit #M: Look what I found!

Today I made my rounds to some of my favorite spots as I continute trying to decorate Unit #M without breaking the bank.

After leaving Pier 1, I made a pit stop to Ross...and look what I found in the home section!!!!!!
Isn't it cute!?!? It's in the kitchen (right now). The best part is that I got this fab accent rug for $13.99 And it feels good on my feet. Ha!
Stay tuned.... I FINALLY found furniture! Who-hooo! It will be here this weekend...and it's typical "Elise." I also found an area rug. That one WASN'T on sale. Ouch. But it's perfect for the space. Can't wait until I can pull everything together that way this place will finally feel like my home. ♥Elise


Rachal said...

I shop at Ross all the time for my home. Places like that have the best bargain finds from some of the best designers.

April said...

Great finds


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