Monday, November 9, 2009

Woo-sah's 2:30am and I'm awake. Surprisingly, I'm not that tired.

But I stayed up to do a little school work and get ahead ...only to find that I'm a week behind.


There's a huge assignment due by midnight tomorrow...and another THAT WAS due on Friday.

I have an A in that course so I emailed my professor pleading for her forgiveness and asking for an extension guessed it...tomorrow night. Which means that I have an ass load of work to do when I get off work tomorrow.

On top of that I foresee a loooooonnnnggg day at work because we are officially switching to a new computer system. And let me just say, the kinks are hardly worked out.

But I'm cool. I've made some notes tonight and I have a plan.

Unfortunately, I will be forced to put Mr. Hailey, my friends, family (that includes my blog family) on hold for at least a day until I sort all this out.

Be patient w/me, pray for me, and I will see you on Tuesday.

Until great. ♥Elise

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