Friday, November 6, 2009

Hi Blog Family

Sorry I've been M.I.A. the past few days.
I've been busy being woo'd ;)
More fabulous blog posts to come...I promise!

Oh yeah, Unit #M is looking pretty good!!!! There's new rugs new pillows and some new accessories. AND I'm staying far witin my budget. I will have to snap a few photos for you. I'm so in love with the color scheme!

The job is great. I'm still in te honeymoon phase. My boss is super nice and super involved with the daily production of the newscast. He gives daily feedback after reading my stories. There was even some positive feedback from the VP of the company after watching one of my stories last week. So things are going pretty well.

The chief photographer spent some time with me showing me some tricks and shooting tips when I have to use the high-def camera.
The weather is great here... my mommy and nephew are coming to visit in a few weeks... my friends will be here in 2 months for my birthday... and one of my former co-workers will be here next month.
So all is well in the world of Elise.
Now back to the blogging...... ♥Elise

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