Saturday, November 21, 2009

Getting it back together

Courtesy: Kris Atomic
Over the past several weeks, I've come to realize how easy it can be for women to loose sight of themselves when they get heavily involved with someone.
In addition to moving, starting a new job, finishing school and trying to establish a name for myself in a new city, I am also in the middle of what is turning into the most beautiful relationship of my life. But I have to admit, it's work!
Not the tedious, "oh, here he comes again...let me cook, shave and smile" type of work. But the excitement of wanting to spend so much time and energy with him. I'm loving it, but it's taking away from "ME" times..or as I like to call it "E-time."
However, instead of shaving time off, I've decided it's time to balance. Before, I had no one to consider but myself. Now, it's time that I learn to juggle the new demands of my life--including the newest component of my social life. And I'm actually looking forward to it...


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