Monday, July 26, 2010


I try to be one of those people who buy things and get rid of things at the same time... I "try."

I got the idea from Lady O last year. She said that you should keep a box in the closet or somewhere nearby. That way when you buy something new, you can find something not so new, or something that you haven't worn all season and donate it.

But have you ever donated something by accident.

Well, I did. I had this great men's pin stripped button down shirt that I think is now in the hands of the Goodwill...and I am not a happy camper.
It looked A LOT like this one....
I wanted to pair it with my cut-off jean shorts and some cute wedge sandals. So much for that!


I found it! I found it! It was in a drawer that it shouldn't have been in.

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D said...

That is too funny.


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