Wednesday, July 7, 2010

About that LOVE bug....

If I haven't learned anything in my 29 years, I know one thing: Love is a crazy, crazy thing.

First of all, it comes into your life at THE MOST unexpected time. And then it pounces on you.

Later, just when you start to get comfortable with the joys of being in love, love makes you completely uncomfortable. It makes you weary, it tests you and sometimes it makes you VERY angry.

Then all of a sudden, when you are having those second thoughts about it, love soothes. It eases your pain... and let's you know that it never left.

Gotta love, Love.

1 comment:

Rachal said...

Awwww luv. sounds like you may have had one of those days. Been there, done that. It's a lot of work-trust me, 8 years and counting. Be patient with love.


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