Thursday, August 14, 2008

Music Fix - "I Kissed A Girl"

One of the reasons I decided to create my own blog because my job as a journalist does not allow me to vent about what I really think of what's going on in our world.

One of the things I am currently disgusted with, is our music.

I can go on for days on the state of hip-hop and even r&b...but I decided to focus my first music post on a popular song by Katy Perry.

It's called "I Kissed a Girl".

The title in and of itself is catchy yet controversial.

Some argue that the song is about girl power.


I think this is a typical teen song gone WRONG. I know for sure that I wouldn't allow any daughter of mine to walk around singing a song about kissing another girl.

It's absurd. Yet, this song was not made for a 25 year old who is experimenting with life. It's a song that targets teens.

I was in a high school the other day and there were a group of girls walking down the hallway singing it. What does this say about music, what message does it send our children? Go ahead experiment??? Kiss your friend and see how it makes you feel so you can resonate with Katy Perry, a former Christian singer. Yea, she went from shouting for the Lord to feeling up a girl.

I don't know...I think it sucks...and it wouldn't be on any playlist of mine OR my child's! ~E


Armand and Cara said...

I totally agree, this is sickening and I am frankly sick of it. For whatever reason the entertainment industry has trying to push this filth on our children for a long time. It is done in way more forms than music. If you watch cartoons, they do it as well and I totally disagree with it. I was watching
Sponge Bob the other day and they showed Sponge Bob and Patrick raising a baby shell together. Sponge Bob had to do the housework and take care of the baby, while Patrick went to work and took care of the baby. What message is this sending our children? Those characters are boys! Regardless of if it is a fricken sponge and a star, they are still boys. What is this society trying to do to our children and it is affecting them in a BIG BIG way. Is it a sick way to control the population or is it just sick people wanting prey for themselves?

Armand and Cara said...

Sorry for all the typos! I hope this is still legible! :(


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