Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Horiscopes are usually full of crap BUT....

I read my horoscope sometimes just to amuse myself. But there are some days when it is dead on!

Today happens to be one of those days. Check it out:

"You'll be able to take excellent initiatives and find original solutions to certain complicated pecuniary problems. Beware of jealousy, which is the surest way to kill love. Some problems may arise because of the antagonism between you on one part and your parents, your children or your spouse on the other part. You'll enjoy numerous amusements but will not get lost in a whirl of futile and superficial pleasures."

The first is the jealousy thing. I just spoke to my mom about a friend of mine not seeming to excited about my relationship. It's almost as if she wants it to fail..or is upset because she doesn't have anyone...and I'm extremely happy. I was told to pull back from mentioning him to her or talking to much about it because I am destined to say something if she keeps showing how "green" she is.

I'm also going through something with my dad. He is in denial that I'm damn near 30 and wants to treat me like I'm 16. He also tries to tailor his advice to fit all of his children. Only, we are very, VERY different.

Anyway, I'm preparing myself for an in-depth conversation with him to basically tell him to chill out!

Maybe I should read my horoscope on a regular basis. .... maybe not.

And just in case you're wondering, mark your calendar, my birthday is JANUARY 4 ♥Elise

1 comment:

D said...

oh honey, i went throught the same thing when i me "the one"

it kind of stings a bit when a good friend cant be truly happy for you. but you cant worrk about that just enjoy your mate and look forward to the future!


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