Monday, August 24, 2009

Who's that girl?

Hey bloggers...I'm back.

So with all the side pieces and models...reality shows and publists, a lot of new faces are popping up in Hollywood. My favorite at the moment is Amber Rose.

This girl is FAB-u-lous.

I Wikipedia'd her, and here's what I found....

Amber Rose (born October 21, 1982) is an American model and former exotic dancer, best known for her relationship with musician Kanye West. She has appeared in several music videos, including the Ludacris video for his single "What Them Girls Like" and Young Jeezy's video for "Vacation". Rose was also the subject of a semi-nude photo spread for Smooth magazine, and has been a guest on Sirius Radio's "Shade 45’s Lip Service", where she was interviewed about her sexual orientation, sexual history, and hygiene by Q Da Kid.[1] In 2009, Rose posed nude for a Louis Vuitton print advertisement featuring Kanye West's new line of sneakers.[2]
Amber Rose is the daughter of an
Italian-American father and Cape Verdian mother. Rose is known for her distinctive appearance, specifically her buzz cut hairstyle, which she bleaches blonde. Rose claims that her head is the only area of her body where she does not completely remove hair. Rose is open about her bisexuality and says she enjoys relationships with both men and women, although not simultaneously.[1]

First of all I am shocked that she is younger than me! But she's still fab none-the-less.

The blogosphere beats her up for being a video chick. They also claim she's a gold digger. But you can't hate the girl, she's fabulous and she wants to be with someone fabulous. Can you blame her? Sure, Kanye is not my favorite person in the world but he is good at what he does.

Amber is stylish and she has a body most women would kill for (my shotgun is ready). Her cute blonde buzz cut and style choices make her the one to watch.

Definitely worth the "girl-crush" as the teenagers say.

Who's that girl? She's Amber Rose
Photo courtesy: YBF

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